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Thank you to all of our 2014-2015 Donors Hyowon and Seunghoon Lee Family___ Cynthia and Blaise Antin___ The Azevedo Family___ Allyce and Michael Balson Family___ Glenna and Richard Baron___ Whitney Shapiro Barry___ Sivan and Uzi Baruch___ Cynthia and Neal Baseman___ Aklilu Behailu___ Caroline Hall and Andrei Belgrader___ Benezra Family___ The Bennahum Family___ Erith Jaffe-Berg and Adam Berg___ Bergher Family- Manuel, Camille, Trevor, Mason___ Audi Beverly Hills___ Alison and Michael Brown___ David Vronay and Weiru Cai___ Wendy and Damon Carr___ Gily and Frank Chechel___ Yunan Chen___ Lisa and Steven Chlavin___ Pilwook and Heechung Chung Family___ Jill and Gary Cogan Family___ Roya and Peter Cohen___ Tal and Asher Cohen___ Fery & Al Daniely___ Walter's Cafe___ Brooke and Simon Douek___ Mandi and Stephen Dyner___ Shayda and Jimmy Ebrahimi___ Elba Echeverria___ Jonas, Gavin, Nicole and Rosa Ehrlich___ Denise and Hooman Farahmand___ Dana and Kirk Findley___ Sandra and Mark Flagel___ Marla, Mark & Garrett Foreman   Thank you to all of our 2014-2015 Donors   Melanie and Jonathan Forster___ Forston Family___ Sandra and Daniel Franco___ Jena and Adam Frankel___ James Freedman___ Susie and Jim Friedberg___ Erica and Josh Friedman___ Dr. Douglas and Jodi Galen___ The Gallop Family___ Monique and Bradley Gibbons___ Lynn Gifford___ Sabrina and Maziar Gilardian___ The Giroux Family___ Judy Friedman and Fred Gluckman___ The Golan Family___ Aurora and Christobal Granados___ Julia and Richard Green___ Miukyung Suh and Dongil Gwon Family___ The Halfon Family___ Nadeem and Laurie Hamid___ Pam and Danny Harris___ Hillary and Steven Hartman___ The Heller Family___ Greg and Katie Heller___ Lynn and Alan Iezman___ Yuji and Yumiko Itabashi___ Esther and Arash Jacob___ Rose and Scott Kaiserman___ Dr. & Mrs. Steven Kamara___ Elena and Simon Kangavari___ Kassorla-Hahnfeldt Family___ Maureen Kedes-Rakusin___ The Kenneally Family___ Joohyun Lee___ Sheri Roberts and Chris Kiper___ The Knebel Family___ Jackie and Nathan Kruger___ Laudisa Family___ Mallory and Greg Lee___ Meira and Scott Leeds___ Michael J. Libow___ The Lipper Family___ Ryan Lisko___ Nam Luong___ Uriel Valdez and Fernando Macias___ Sarah Maizes___ Amy and Mark Mandell___ Tara Margolin___ Jeanne and Lenny Marks   Thank you to all of our 2014-2015 Donors   The Mashoudy Family___ Tracy and Sidney Mathalon Family___ Takhiro Matsumoto___ Jennifer Gordon-Maurer and Chris Maurer___ Jerid and Laurie Maybaum___ Cherie and Martin McDermott___ Gregory McKay Family___ McLeod O'Neill Family___ Rachel and Alan Miller___ Dafna and Ulik Milstein___ Claudia and Michael Moores___ Gita and Mike Navid___ The Neidleman Family___ Mirit and Keyvan Neman___  Wendy and Mitch Newman___ Niella Family___ Rita Shargani and David Nikfarjam___ Dalia and Payam Nikravesh Family___ Annie Terry and Eric Normington Family___ The Okum Family- Laurie, Todd, Sara, Jonah and Eli___ The Ordaz Family___ Kay and Joe Patel Family___ Efua and Marc Paul___ Loly and Aaron Perlmutter___ Melissa and Eddie Rabin and Family___ Gabby and Todd Radonsky___ Irastorza/Semer/Reef Family___ Rendon Family___ Jacob and Alena Reznik___ Sheena Singh___ Bertram and Tiffany Rothe___ Emily and Richard Rothstein___ Nancy and Ken Ruttenberg___ Sacco-Friedman Family___ Jackie Moses and Dean Salkin___ Allie and Eric Samek___ Carlos and Lissa Sanchez Family___ The SOS Sanch Family___ Annette and David Schirmer___ Kelly and Mark Schulman___ Lisa Oestreich and Michael Shulman Family___ Tania and Marc Schwartz___ Hilda Balakhane and Albert Sedighpour___ Tamar and Randy Seff___ Leigh Shapiro___ Ellie and Saeid Shokravi   Thank you to all of our 2014-2015 Donors    David Shuman___ Bridget and Vaughn Smith___ Patti and Dan Stein___ Susie Romano and Randy Steinberg___ Ronit and Ron Stone___ Jack and Keith Stone___ The Strug Family___ Max and Heather Subin___ Maryann and Young Su Han Family___ Jean Huang/Hans Tercek___ Rhesa Thomas & Noah Adame Family___ Loiuse Toohey-Bergvall___ Trost Family___ Ivy and Gene Tsui Family___ Lisa and John Vangelatos___ Lewis/Wachtel Family___ The Walder Family___ Jason and Sanaz Ward Family___ Weinstein Family___ Nadine and Jeff Weisfeld___ Claudio, Sarah, Michelle, Allison & Camilla Wolff___ Randy and Jennifer Wooster___ Joyce and Allan Wu___ Mitch Yankowitz___

Our Mission

The Beverly Hills Education Foundation supports the five public schools in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, annually providing much needed funds for high-quality educational programming and enrichment opportunities that go beyond the norm to achieve excellence in Beverly Hills public schools.

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